Electricity Bill Chart 2023

Latest and updated electricity tariff rate (Effective from March 2023)

This chart data is issued by Ministry of Power Energy and Mineral Resources of Bangladesh.

Official Link To TariffLast Updated - 29 February 2024
CategoryNameTypeDemandUnit RangePrice
LT-AResidentialFlat (Life Line)420 - 50৳4.63
LT-AResidentialFlat420 - 75৳5.26
LT-AResidentialFlat4275 - 200৳7.20
LT-AResidentialFlat42200 - 300৳7.59
LT-AResidentialFlat42300 - 400৳8.02
LT-AResidentialFlat42400 - 600৳12.67
LT-BAgricultural pumpsFlat42-৳5.25
LT-C1Retail IndustryFlat48-৳10.76
LT-C1Retail IndustryOff Peak48-৳9.68
LT-C1Retail IndustryPeak48-৳12.95
LT-D1Educational, Religious, Charitable and HospitalsFlat60-৳7.55
LT-D2Street lights and water pumpsFlat90-৳9.71
LT-D3Battery charging stationFlat90-৳9.62
LT-D3Battery charging stationOff Peak90-৳8.66
LT-D3Battery charging stationPeak90-৳12.14
LT-D3Battery charging stationSuper Off Peak90-৳7.68
LT-ECommercial and OfficeFlat90-৳13.01
LT-ECommercial and OfficeOff Peak90-৳11.71
LT-ECommercial and OfficePeak90-৳15.62